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Jim Slagle Loop Trail Project

Project Overview:  The Jim Slagle Loop Trail is a 1.1 mile long hike/mountain bike trail within the 124 acre Sandy River Park.  The trail makes two loops with an old logging road and the Sandy River Trail that goes down to the river.  The City of Sandy completed a Sandy River Park Master Plan in 2011 the outlined a conceptual trails plan.  Jim Slagle, a trails planner, retired from the Forest Service and having run his own trails planning business designed the trail.  Gene Tilgner, On Call Construction did trail excavation and bridge construction.  The AntFarm Youth Trail Crew, a local organization that works with at-risk youth worked on trail brushing, tread work, and drainage structures.

My Duties: Project Manager and Trail Crew Leader, reporting to Community Services Director Nancy Enabnit who was Sandy's lead staff responsible.  Assisted Jim Slagle with trail survey and design.  Prepared trail construction log with structure drawings.  Coordinated equipment contractor, mini-excavator rental, and AntFarm Trail Crew through City of Sandy. Arranged gravel, culverts and other trail materials order.  Developed sign plan and sign order and installed signs.

Project Photos - click on photo

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