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  • Trails planning and layout

  • Grant writing and funding

  • Construction and maintenance

  • Sign plans, trail brochures and marketing


Walker Trails can develop trail master plans, survey and design hike and/or mountain bike trails, compile trail construction logs, write trail construction grants, help develop partnerships, and coordinate and oversee trail construction projects.  Our goal is to work with partners to build sustainable trails that connect users to our awesome forests and open spaces, while protecting natural resources.

We provide trail master planning, layout, survey and design, and mapping services

We can write grants and work with partners and agencies to leverage matching grant funds and recruit volunteers.

We can serve as project manager and/or trail crew leader to coordinate contractors, volunteers, and partners during project construction.

We can develop trail sign plans, trail brochures and maps, online descriptions for trail websites, and other trail marketing strategies.

Past Work

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Government Camp Trails

Tickle Creek Trail

Jim Slagle Loop Trail

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