Hiking Project Brochure Front Page
This is a brochure for marketing Mt. Hood area hiking trails on the Hikingproject.com website and app supported by REI. This project was funded by a Clackamas County tourism grant
Hiking Project Brochure Back Page
This is the inside page of the Hikingproject.com brochure explaining how to work the hikingproject.com website and mobile app to find trail information.
Mountain Bike Trails - Mt. Hood Area
This is the cover page for the tri-fold "Mountain Bike Trails in the Mt. Hood Area" brochure. The brochure features Sandy Ridge, Government Camp Trails System and Skibowl Bike Park
Bike Brochure Back Page
The interior page of the tri-fold brochure features the Government Camp and Sandy Ridge trail systems. The brochure directs users to REI's www.mtbproject.com website for more site specific information, maps, etc.
REI's www.mtbproject.com website
This is a screen shot of the mountain bike trails in the Government Camp Trail System with Crosstown Trail highlighted. When downloaded on your phone, it will track your progress on the trail.
REI's www.hikingproject.com website
Similar to the mtbproject website, the hikingproject website features hiking trails. It is user created content on an international platform.
Mt. Hood trails on hikingproject.com
Under a grant from Clackamas County, I have loaded over 100 trails on the west side of the Mt. Hood National Forest onto REI's trail websites. Shown is a map of the hiking trails. When you zoom in, it shows pictures of the trail. You can also search for trails by areas, try link below.
Paradise Park Loop on hikingproject
This is Paradise Park Loop shown on hikingproject.com. It shows an interactive map of the trail, a trail elevation profile, distance, average grade, ascent and descent. It also shows current condition (closed due to snow currently).
Paradise Park Loop Description
The website provides directions to the trailhead, descriptions of the trail, permits and regulations, trail features, flora and fauna, land managers, and upcoming events.
Trail conditions and photos
I researched and secured photo rights to use some spectacular trail photos from Oregon Hikers and other sources. The photos show up on the map at the location they were taken so users know what they can see when they get there.
Frenches Dome Interpretive Sign
This is an interpretive sign for French's Dome, a popular climbing spot near Mt. Hood.
Mirror Lake Interpretive Sign
This is an interpretive sign for restoration work that was being done at Mirror Lake on Mt. Hood.
Zigzag Information Center Panel
I developed all the information panels for the Zigzag Ranger District Information Center.
Mountain Biking Information Panel
There are panels on camping, trails, mountain biking, and other frequently asked topics. The panels are intended to provide an overview and brochures on the topic are below the panels.
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Brochures and Marketing

Projects:  There have been numerous brochures including a Mountain Bike Trails on Mt. Hood, many interpretive signs, and maps.  Recently, I have been posting about 100 hiking and mountain biking trails around Mt. Hood on the REI sponsored www.hikingproject.com and the www.mtbproject.com .  I designed the new Information Displays at the Zigzag Ranger District Information Center.  There are panels for trails, camping, mountain biking, local dining and lodging, and other topics visitors.  Brochures for each topic are located below the panels. 

Project Photos - click on photo

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